Untying the Knot: An Iowa True Crime Story

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From the outside looking in, William and Constance Richardson had a picture perfect marriage. They had three beautiful kids, Mildred, Dorothy and Dayton. Their social life was always the talk of the town. They were truly a model couple. Sure,…

Farmhouse Murder Pt. 1: A Minnesota True Crime Story

a close up of a shovel handle with chopped wood as the backdrop
When Katherine McCart left her home in Minneapolis, Minnesota in May 1907, her daughters asked her to write to them letting them know she got to Maple Plain, Minnesota safely. Katherine's reply was sinister, saying she didn't expect to see them again. So, when Katherine didn't arrive back in Minneapolis, her family assumed the worst.

Peace Destroyed: An Iowa True Crime Case

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In 1914, Sherman and Kate Brown moved their family from the quiet countryside of Illinois to the bustling city of Davenport, Iowa. Their new friends described Sherman as a mild-mannered and hardworking family man who kept to himself. No one…