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Historical true crime

Midwest Killers is the brainchild of the mother and daughter team of Cheri and Mandi. We’ve combined Mandi’s background in journalism and love for true crime with Cheri’s expertise in genealogical research. We both have a love for history and felt it was fitting to focus on historical true crime cases. Cases and victims that have — for the most part — been forgotten to history.

Being born and raised in the Midwest, it was only natural that we focus specifically on historical true crime cases from the Midwest. We noticed while there are a lot of stories told that are set in major cities across the United States — especially on the coasts — stories are rarely told about small towns in the Midwest.

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Honoring the victims

Oftentimes, the focus of true crime stories is on the murderer instead of the victim. With this blog, we aim to highlight the victims and their lives. These people deserve to have their stories told.